The Betfanat program offers advanced predictions for over thirty Major Leagues, 1×2, Time Predictions, Over / Under, BTTS, Corners, Kart, Half / Full time and more — we have it all.


With Betfanat software, your chances of winning games will be greatly improved, thanks to the exclusive reduction algorithm program, making it even on a smaller budget.


BETFANAT automatic predictions will show you the best matches and corresponding best events to bet on; in this option you can choose matches with the best game events that you like

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BETFANAT TOTAL works using artificial intelligence algorithms and a neural system that has no analogue


BETFANAT TOTAL software is our best soccer prediction machine.

Why you should choose BETFANATE TOTAL

The monthly test for the BETFANAT TOTAL program showed a 90/100% passability success

Machine-Based Prediction

The BETFANATE TOTAL algorithm processes over 300 factors to determine the outcome of each match.

League Coverage

But real players prefer a wider selection of leagues, the BETFANAT TOTAL software covers over 200 football leagues around the world.

Prediction Algorithm

Algorithms regularly scan the world of football to select the highest odds and the most accurate probabilities.

Benefits of forecasting software

You won’t have to rack your brains for hours as the BETFANAT TOTAL betting search engine continually highlights the best bids

The best site for football prediction

But what if you can beat the bookmakers at their own game? That’s where the BETFANAT TOTAL software comes in handy

the football betting revolution.

BETFANAT TOTAL features a rhythmic user interface that opens up high potential winnings and high odds for you.

It’s pretty simple to use.

According to the budget, BETFANAT TOTAL remains the most accurate football forecasting software.

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BETFANAT TOTAL is an automatic forecasting system that helps to predict the results of football games with high accuracy.


Our main goal is to provide value to all of our users by offering you the best football services and predictions available, providing you with high confidence predictions and helping you earn more than you lose in sports betting when you switch to any of our football matches. … Our soccer tips are relatively the best and most readily available in the industry. You will be able to subscribe to our platform: Using a sophisticated algorithm, the program analyzes the results of the latest championship matches, which are stored in the software database, and compares teams by games. The program then automatically selects the best probabilities for various events in each match due to the complex order of probabilities for each type of game event. We can guarantee that you will receive the best football predictions. 95/100% rate We have the lowest prices and quality of sports predictions than others