Online service for football predictions

Unique algorithm allows football fans to use sports bets and bets The service launched its online service under the BETFANAT brand in the private beta testing phase, predicting results of football matches. Sports betting lovers and football lovers will be provided preliminary forecasts for the five most popular European football leagues (Premier England League of Germany, Bundesliga, La Liga in Spain, Italian Lega Serie A and Ligue 1 in France) on the beginning of new seasons. Currently, the company has four team members. A self-developed and self-learning algorithm from betfanat processes various statistical parameters such as results of previous matches, current league positions, goals scored, and current and historical data. The user will be provided with algorithm-based recommendations foroptimal personal betting behavior. Premium and VIP users receive detailed forecasts for each match of the season, combined with special tips for personal betting strategies. During the last season, BETFANAT predicted 85% of the results of all matches, for In general, BETFANAT receives up to 80-100% probability of success. Interested users can already register: www.betfanat .com The founders of the team have extensive experience in online business We want to make BETFANAT the No. 1 place for online forecasting services for football results. Every football fan should be able to transform passion for real financial gain. With the help of analyzes, we can create an excellent product and start living on time just before the start of all the European major leagues. ” BETFANAT ( is an online service that provides accurate football predictions. It analyzes statistics and the latest news to calculate the best odds for its users when they rely on the results of football matches. BETFANAT uses its unique self-learning algorithm to process and evaluate various statistics such as previous matches, current league positions, goals scored, etc. The algorithm originates in the functionality of neural networks. BETFANAT covers the five most popular European football leagues: the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, La Liga in Spain, Italian Lega Serie A and Ligue 1 in France. Compared with Other consulting services, BETFANAT is a social, reliable and easy to use online service. the prize users are provided with detailed forecasts for each match during the season and tips on how to The bet corresponds to their individual betting strategies. BETFANAT uses all possible means and constantly updates its algorithm so that the user receives the most accurate forecasts In stock. As a result, BETFANAT can predict the result of a football match with a probability of up to 80-100%. success. Soon we will open our YouTube channel and also forecasts of Live games. And also analyzes of any game according to your desire. We differ from others in terms of price of forecasts, quality, tips. Departure from others, we predict games 1-2 days in advance. Our statistics are based on real time.